Mystara: The Hexad Of Signs


Although this campaign begins in Mystara, it will lead elsewhere. “Where” is a question that will be answered through the playing of this campaign. At the beginning, character selection will be limited to the AD&D 2nd Ed. Player’s Handbook with only minor exceptions allowed. As the game progresses and characters travel to new and distant lands, options will open up.

Characters will die if players do not exercise caution and strategic planning. You are adventurers. You’re chosen career is not known for being safe… While this IS true, let it be known that I as DM will also not put the characters in a situation with which they will be for certain killed. There will always be a way out. Players just need to be inventive.

This campaign will be played using AD&D 2nd Ed. rules with a few house editions thrown in as well that will be made well known to the party. This is not up for debate. NO 3RD OR 4TH EDITION RULES WILL BE IMPLEMENTED. While I want this to be fun and enjoyable for everyone, a main emphasis of this campaign is teamwork and party dynamic. 3rd and 4th editions are not conducive to these motifs.

Characters must begin the game with a Good or Neutral Alignment with exceptions including Chaotic Neutral. This is a game of Heroes; a term that this game will explore through its playing. This is not to say that characters will remain Good or Neutral throughout the playing of this game. If you wish your character to traverse down the dark path and see him/her/it doing so with proper motivation, I have no problems with this. Heh… in fact, I may encourage it in some instances…. Just be warned that actions DO have consequences.

Finally, this is your story. I don’t know where it is going to lead. I am just creating(i.e. borrowing) a world and characters who interact in this world. Although it won’t be made apparent, from the first adventure there are events unfolding across the multiverse that your party will eventually attempt to come to understand. Keep this in mind during the first adventures, as it may not seem that there are workings being done.